Water, environmental and Pharma lims solution transforms information management solution at nova Biologicals


Company Background

Nova is one of the nation’s largest providers of water testing for drinking and wastewater and has provided nationwide testing services to the industry, specializing in microbiological, chemical and toxicological testing. Nova provides comprehensive diagnostic testing of specimens for the presence of infectious disease organisms and water testing under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The company works closely with municipalities, municipal utility districts, water control and improvement districts, drinking water vending companies and federal and state regulatory authorities to ensure safe water that has the trust of its consumers.

Water testing makes up 53% of Nova’s total revenue. Coliform testing makes up the largest percentage of tests with approximately 10,000 water samples being processed on a monthly basis, all of which is undertaken in a single laboratory. Over the last ten years, Nova has expanded the microbiology portion of the business (environmental, medical and food related) testing for or against organisms.

Nova has been servicing its many customers, primarily in North America, but Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Established in 1993, Nova Biologicals, Inc. is one of the leading full-service, NELAC accredited laboratories in Texas, providing laboratory testing and consulting services to the water, medical device, pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and food industries globally. As a full-service testing laboratory, Nova is dedicated to serving the many needs of its customers through superior service, a committed staff, and its investment in research and development.

Customer Case Study:
Water, Environmental and Pharma LIMS Solution Transforms Information Management Solution at Nova Biologicals also in Africa, Asia, Canada, the UK and Italy, for more than 15 years. The company attributes its very low client turnover to its dedication to service and responsiveness. Lab Accreditation and Compliance: Growing Requirements for Water and Environmental Labs

Standards for environmental testing in laboratories have become more rigorous and far reaching over the last few years as new requirements have been introduced via NELAP and EPA regulations. The regulations provide a set of protocols outlining what is acceptable regarding the daily processes within a multi-disciplinary water laboratory in accordance with internationally accepted standards. Meeting these stringent requirements for Water and Environmental samples has introduced labor intensive procedures to ensure compliance, such as sample tracking, Chain of Custody (COC), record keeping, Demonstration of Capability (DOC), document control, reagent and standard traceability, proof of training and reporting.

Assessed against the provisions of the 2003 NELAC standard, Nova is a NELAP accredited laboratory and is certified by the US EPA’s NELAP and the TDSHS (Texas Department of State Health Services). It is also FDA registered and designated by the FDA as a private laboratory and complies with the FDA’s GLP and GMP requirements.

NELAP stands for the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program and is the program that implements the National Environmental Accreditation Conference (NELAC) standards. State and federal agencies serve as accrediting authorities with coordination facilitated by the EPA to assure uniformity. Accreditation by one NELAP accrediting authority is mutually recognized by the other state and federal accrediting authorities approved under NELAP. State programs are in place to certify the labs, making sure that quality protocols are in place and ensuring a standardized set of processes are implemented and followed.

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