Water filtration media: Talking about a revolution?


Courtesy of Ahlstrom-Munksjö

Developments in any field of endeavour are nearly always evolutionary, not revolutionary. It is normal to expect advances in manufacturing equipment, process control and chemical science to facilitate product improvements. In the field of liquid filtration there is frustration at the seemingly unbreakable linkage that exists between increasing pressure drop and lower flow rates as gains are made in retention. This is clearly exemplified by the development of smaller diameter synthetic fibres. Manufacturers continue to improve extrusion equipment and develop new polymers to produce ever-smaller diameter fibres.

However, the fundamental problem with finer fibres is that they are just finer fibres. Very little about their composition, shape or ability to be formed into a web alters the aforementioned relationship that exists between pressure drop, flow rate and retention. If anything it makes it worse since smaller fibres in a web results in smaller interspatial void volume (pores) with the media becoming more of a highly retentive surface filter with limited loading capacity, reduced flow rate and increased pressure drop.

Ahlstrom’s Disruptor™ technology is capable of shattering the relationship between increased pressure drop and decreased flow rate as retention is increased. This is possible because Disruptor™ technology represents a breakthrough in materials science that synergistically combines the best aspects of charged and mechanical filtration in one media. The patented technology behind Disruptor™ is was invented by Fred Tepper and Leo Kaledin [1] of the Argonide Corporation and is manufactured and sold by Ahlstrom under an exclusive, global license.

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