Invisible Structures, Inc.

Water Garden Office Park LEED Gold, Santa Monica, CA - Case Study


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

  • Project Name: Water Garden
  • Products: Rainstore3
  • Applications: Underground Water Harvesting 
  • City: Santa Monica
  • State/Province: California
  • Install Date: Summer 2016
  • Client: Water Garden Office Complex
  • Install Size: 9000 Units, Rainstore3
  • Address: 1620 26th Street, North Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Designer:  Civil Engineer: PSOMAS, Santa Clarita, CA; Landscape Architect: Katherine Spitz, Marina Del Rey, CA
  • Contractor: Park West Landscape Construction, Corona, CA
  • Directions:1620 26th Street, North Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • Photography:  Al Green, Gersen Co. (2016); Shaw and Sons; Rick Leone, Thompson Construction; Jim Gould, Sytec

Summary: From Article in Stormwater Solutions Case Study Alert ––

Storing water for aboveground water features at an office park – simple, right? Not so fast. The Santa Monica, Calif., Water Garden office park does not have a normal, garden-variety water feature. A series of walkways, a river, gardens, multiple pools, fountains, an amphitheater and other amenities are located on 17 acres of a complex manmade topography.

The Problem

Rendering of the Water Garden Plaza (Courtesy

Civil engineering firm Psomas and landscape architectural firm KSA Design Studio had to find a way to store the water under the “oasis in the city” in the most efficient way possible. The elaborate site called for nine different depths of water-storage chambers from 30 to 110 cm high. A modular and design-flexible solution was needed.

The Solution