Water glycol recovery saves over $20,000


The Problem: At a mid-Michigan automotive supplier, a shutdown was imminent. Accidental cross-contamination between fire-resistant and oil-based hydraulic fluids in a bulk tank left the plant vulnerable to fire. If plant employees topped off or filled their reservoirs from the direct-fill system available at each machine, the risk of a fire propagating in the plant would greatly increase.

To drain the contaminated fluid, clean the 4,000-gallon bulk tank, and replace the fire-resistant fluid, a shutdown of some of the machines would be necessary. The cost would include $23,000 in fluid as well as plant downtime and waste treatment costs.

The SRS Service: SRS had technicians and fluid engineers onsite within 2 hours. Fluid samples indicated the amount of oil contamination was greater than 12%, and oil was partially emulsified in the fire-resistant fluid. After consultation with the fluid manufacturer, plant process engineers, and SRS technical personnel, a fluid reclamation plan using the SR 1020 Purification Module was devised.

Within an hour and a half of arriving onsite, SRS made the necessary hookups to the fire-resistant fluid bulk tank, and began processing the contaminated fluid.

The Results: Within 12 hours, the fluid manufacturer verified that the fluid was back in specification. Over 98% of the foreign oil had been removed from the fire-resistant hydraulic fluid, and plant engineers were able to certify the fluid for use in the plant. The plant avoided a costly shutdown in operations and the resulting downtime as well as waste treatment and bulk tank recharge costs.

Cost Savings Produced………$20,400.

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