Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd.

Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd.

Water Level Monitoring and Control Solutions for the UK Internal Drainage Boards

Courtesy of Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd.

Pulsar Process Measurement have been involved in design, manufacture and supply of non-contacting Ultrasonic Level and Pump Control systems for the Internal Drainage Board industry for many years. Three typical examples of the application of this equipment are installed at North Level IDB Cross Guns Pumping Station.

The original Cross Guns Pumping Station was built in 1938 to house three 760mm diameter pumps driven by diesel engines and remains at the entrance to the site with one original engine which is only operated during visits by the public. The new station, which has the Pulsar control units built into the control panel door, was built as a replacement in 1977 to house six 800mm diameter pumps, three given by electric motors and three driven by diesel engines.

A catchment area of 6600 hectares of land is drained via this station and when all pumps are running some 540 tonnes of water is pumped into the tidal river Nene every minute.

Pulsar Process Measurement have supplied systems at Cross Guns Pumping Station to give a signal proportional to water level for direct control via the telemetry system and on board backup control for both the outside level and inside water level, which then in turn control operation of the Weedscreen cleaner. Additionally, the discharge level at the river Nene is also monitored by a Pulsar system, the transducer is mounted on a bracket with a protective metal cover over the transducer in each application as shown in pictures 'a & b'.

The systems manufactured by Pulsar have been fitted on every Pumping Station in the North Level IDB catchment area and are being installed in Remote Level Gauging Stations as old equipment fails. The Pulsar equipment has become the standard replacement level and pump control system for Internal Drainage Boards in many parts of the UK.

The North Level IDB Engineer to the board Paul Sharman, shown in picture 'c' comments, 'When we began our refurbishment programme in 2000 to update all our stations we found the original level control systems to be outdated, however the equipment offered by an alternative supplier proved very difficult to calibrate and work with. We selected the Pulsar system initially because it was easy to calibrate, but over the years we found that it has proved very reliable too. We have been very happy to support this British manufacturer and in turn we have received very good support from them over the years.'

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