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Water quality and treatment in public swimming pools

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Public swimming pools all use chlorine, unfortunately the chlorine reacts with ammonium to form a volatile gas called trichloramine. It is the this gas which stings your eyes while swimming, trichloramine also gives swimming pools their characteristic chlorine smell.

Trichloramine will damage the mucous linning of your lungs, and in the case of small children it will pre-dispose their lungs to infection. Trichloramine also sensitises the lungs to an alergic reaction which can lead to asthma.

Millions of Euros of research funding has been devoted to determining the implications of trichloramines on public health. At Dryden Aqua we are the first to identify the mechanism of trichloramine production, and we provide a solution to not only the problem of trichloramine, but THM's triaholmethane in swimming pools and chlorinated systems. The research was supported by the European Commission under the life Environment initiative.

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