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Water Quality Parameters Along Rivers

Water samples have been collected from a part of Surma River along different points and analyzed for various water quality parameters during dry and monsoon periods. Effects of industrial wastes, municipal sewage, and agricultural runoff on river water quality have been investigated. The study was conducted within the Chattak to Sunamganj portion of Surma River, which is significant due to the presence of two major industries-a paper mill and a cement factory. The other significant feature is the conveyors that travel from India to Chattak. This study involves determination of physical, biological and chemical parameters of surface water at different points. The river was found to be highly turbid in the monsoon season. But BOD and fecal coliform concentration was found higher in the dry season. The water was found slightly acidic. The mean values of parameters were Conductivity 84-805μs; DO: dry-5.52 mg/L, monsoon-5.72 mg/L; BOD: dry-1 mg/L, monsoon-0.878 mg/L; Total Solid: dry-149.4 mg/L, monsoon-145.7 mg/L. A model study was also conducted and values of different model parameters were estimated.

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