Water quality products - Scale Reduction Saving case study


Courtesy of HydroFLOW USA

T he Greenfield Village mixed-use community, located at the southern end of the Salinas Valley in Greenfield, Calif., experienced significant problems caused by limescale buildup inside its 128 apartments’ water heaters and recirculation pumps. In the four years since the apartment complex was built, limescale buildup was so aggressive, that many of the water heaters and recirculation pumps failed. The complex’s owners faced a minimum cost of $600,000 to replace the equipment.

Searching for a Solution
Greenfield Village was acquired four years after it was constructed. During due diligence inspections, it was discovered that water inlets and recirculation pumps were heavily obstructed by limescale buildup, and water heaters had so much calcium that even when turned up to 100%, they could not adequately heat water. Additional limescale problems were found in the fan coil heaters in the ceilings of individu-al apartment units, which caused major concern because they are extremely difficult and expensive to replace. Greenfield Village LLC’s management sought the services of H2O Solutions USA LLC, the California distributor of HydroFlow USA, to help implement a solution to the limescale problem. Analyses performed by the company revealed that the water in Greenfield Village comes from a volcanic under-ground source and is quite hard, at approximately 18 grains per gal (308 ppm). The water is mineral rich and good for agricultural purposes, but poses a significant threat to exposed equipment and pipe because of its tendency to leave behind limescale depos-its.

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