Water Reuse Options for Industrial Plants


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Water can be a high cost commodity for an industrial operation.  In addition, industrial water consumption uses approximately 22% of water worldwide, a percentage that bothers water-conscious customers.

To cut back on costs, as well as reduce environmental impact, industrial plants are considering water reuse. Plants have several options when it comes to water reuse, which The Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox has outlined.  Below is a summary of their report.

Direct Reuse within the Plant:
Depending on the industry and the type and level of contaminants, sometimes it is possible for water to be reused within the plant itself.  Cooling water and water used for heating typically contain minimal contaminants and may be suitable for other purposes requiring little to no treatment.  Water used for the washing of equipment or products may also be suitable for reuse for the same purposes if an appropriate treatment system is in place.  Water can also sometimes be directly reused for irrigation, pH adjustment, or fire protection.

Treated Water Reuse:
Wastewater that is not clean enough for direct reuse can still be reused if a treatment system is available on site that can clean the water to the level required for whatever the reuse purpose is. Recycled process water may be suitable for a variety of purposes within the plant, including washing floors, toilet flushing, irrigation, process rinse water, dust suppression, crate, pallet, vehicle washing, and more.

Advanced treatment options like membrane bioreactors (MBR), downstream filtration and oxidation processes may produce treated wastewater of a better quality than freshwater that can be reused as process water where high water quality is required.

Opportunities with Water Reuse:
As we all know, our water supplies continue to be stressed as the world's need for clean water will exponentially grow as more water sources are needed. Not only is recycling and reusing water important for our planet's future, it can also be profitable if the system solutions(s) put in place are sound.  

Generally people are unaware of the practical uses of treated wastewater, or more commonly find the idea too foreign. To better appreciate the importance of water reuse, customers need to be educated that recycling pertains to water as it does to newspaper, glass, aluminum, etc.

KLa offers a variety of technologies that can help industrial plants treat water for reuse, resulting in more favorable use of water, energy, and financial resources to help build a more sustainable economy and ecosystem.

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