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Water Technology magazine article by ITS president


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First, we should note that the current attention is not due to water, air or soil contamination, but from lead contamination recently found in toys and children’s jewelry made in China. This is very frightening for any parent because of the harm lead can to cause in children. How could this happen? How concerned should you and your customers be about lead?

In view of this heightened awareness, I recently tested the lead levels in water coming out of faucets. In addition, I tested for the presence of lead in the solid particulate material (particles) that may be trapped in the faucet aerator filter and the lead level contained in the metal filter holder or nozzle. The interesting results are shown on the accompanying table (next page).

The testing was done using Industrial Test Systems, Inc. LEADQuick™ (part no. 488375) test kit and Hach’s LeadTrak™ Pocket Colorimeter II™ (part no. 5953021).

How it was done

The “Lead found in water” data (first results column in table) was collected using the water testing procedure as outlined in the LEADQuick™ instruction manual. The test procedures used to collect the “Lead particles in aerator filter” and the “Lead found in nozzle” data (second and third results columns in table) are described below.

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