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Water treatment in a pinch - installing a temporary produced water polishing system


Courtesy of CETCO Energy Services

An oil company experienced produced water treatment system upsets and CETCO Oilfield Services was chosen to deliver and operate a temporary treatment system until problems with the permanent installation could be resolved. CETCO Oilfield Services personnel and equipment arrived on the platform, set up their reliable produced water polishing system, and began operations. CETCO personnel were on location receiving and treating the platform’s produced water for over one month. During that period, CETCO Oilfield Services kept the platform in production and in compliance.

Fluids were pumped from the structure’s separator into CETCO’s 120 BBL Sparging Separation Tank for initial treatment. CETCO personnel then routed the fluids to CETCO’s RFV 2000 filtration skid containing radial flow canisters filled with CETCO Oilfield Services’ patented CrudeSorb® media. The water was treated at rates ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 barrels per minute. After the initial month of operations, CETCO personnel left the structure, but CETCO’s equipment remained in operation for another month. During this project CETCO Oilfield Services received and treated approximately 20,000 barrels of produced water, remaining in compliance 100% of the time! 

Oil and grease levels in the fluids CETCO received ranged from 10 to 80 ppm. CETCO Oilfield Services was successful in treating the fluids to acceptable discharge limits and discharging the water into the Gulf of Mexico, see Table 1 (left). CETCO Oilfield Services prevented the platform from shutting down during their permanent system’s repair, saving valuable production time while maintaining compliance.

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