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Water Treatment Plant (Drinking Water) Indian Oil Corporation Limited, India


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W.O.G Groups responded to the challenge of providing safe drinking water to the Indian Oil Corporation Limited township by undertaking a Drinking Water Treatment Plant of Capacity 5.76 MLD, including 1 year O&M.


  1. The raw water is to be treated for the removal of Manganese, iron, turbidity, suspended solids, colour, organic matter and pH
  2. The design of the plant shall atleast be in compliance with the sound engineering practices and the norms suggested in the Manual on Water Supply and Treatment, 3rd edition, published by Central Public Health Environmental Engineering Organization (CPHEEO),


  • Cascade Aeration
  • Stilling Chamber
  • Parshall flume
  • Flash mixer
  • High Rate solid contact clarifier (HRSCC)
  • Dual Media Filter (DMF)
  • Activated carbon filter (ACF)
  • UV Stabilizer & Micron Cartridge Filter
  • Electro Chlorinator of 2.0 kg /hr

The company’s priority has always been the health of its end-customers and thus has deployed technologies necessary to produce and distribute water that help meet this objective.

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