Water treatment plant filter improvements


Courtesy of Burns & McDonnell

Client: City of Junction City, Kan.

Completion Date: March 2003

Services Provided

  • Filter rehabilitation
  • Air scour system design
  • Construction phase services

Project Summary 

Burns & McDonnell provided planning, design, bidding and construction services for the City of Junction City’s water plant improvement project. The project included the rehabilitation of the plant’s four sand filters, new filter consoles, installation of an air scour system, replacement of filter valves, a new air compressor, and service for plant operations.

Existing filter media had solidified with the deposits of treated water over many years. The old media was cleared, the underdrains were inspected for any potential damage, and new graded sand media was installed. A new air scour system was installed in each filter to replace the aging and ineffective surface wash. This improvement provides thorough cleaning of the entire filter bed versus surface wash systems that can be effective only in the top surface of the filter. An air blower was installed outside of the plant building and stainless steel air piping was routed to each filter. The blower was housed in a special housing that reduced sound levels.

Filter valves that were inoperable or failing were replaced, resulting in more efficient operation of all four filters. A new air compressor was sized and installed for operation of the filter valves and for other plant needs. New filter operating consoles were designed and replaced the existing, out-of-date consoles.

Burns & McDonnell also provided services during the construction at the plant, including inspection of each filter underdrain as it was uncovered.

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