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Water Treatment Solutions To Address Water Scarcity

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We can see through the past, present and into the future that water is life.

Without water we cannot sustain life and we have no alternatives.

Many think that water will become an issue larger than petroleum to people, governments and businesses across the world. GWT designs ane provides sustainable water solutions to meet water scarcity challenges across the world. 

Over 97% of the earth is covered by water; however, only about 3% of the water is suitable for consumption by plant, human, and animal life. Of this 3% of suitable drinking water, an estimated 66% of this resource is held in fresh water lakes and ice caps.

There are regions around the world with greater water resources than other countries. However, we must keep in mind that these resources must be properly managed in order to sustain humanity.

In world regions, and specifically in India, China, Africa, Middle East and arid regions of the U.S. including Texas and California, groundwater aquifers are not being replenished at the same rate that they are being depleted. These issues of scarcity are engaging specific problems and costs associated with increased healthcare and environment impact.

With suitable clean water supplies not available in areas of Africa, South America, India, and China families are being forced to drink and clean themselves in contaminated water. This contaminated water typically contains high levels of bacteria, viruses, dissolved metals, and volatile organics among other contaminants creating the environment for wide spread but preventable water related diseases.

On average tens of thousands of children under the age of five will die each day across the developing world from the effects of contaminated water. The situation will continue to get worse unless solutions are implemented.

Included are several solutions that can make a difference every clean drop of water at a time to increase sustainability and save lives.

Although solutions to specific water quality issues need to be evaluated, several solutions include specialized filtration technologies, electrocoagulation, nano technology, ultraviolet disinfection, membrane filtration including desalination of sea water and highly brackish well water solutions are needed.

These solutions although not all encompassing, will provide a good foundation to meeting the challenges of providing clean potable and process water solutions.

Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. can provide these integrated solutions. In fact, the company is playing an integral part in the process of utilizing innovation in water to meet the water needs of the world.

Our company will continue in its mission to educate and collaborate with companies and governments throughout the world to provide sustainable water treatment and waste water treatment solutions for the benefit of mankind. 

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