Water utility`s waste has value - case study


Courtesy of Sustainable Resources Group, Inc. (SRG)

Sustainable Resources Group (SRG) provides several water treatment plants in Eastern Pennsylvania, with turnkey beneficial re-use of the residuals generated by the treatment of drinking water.

When treating surface water for potable water use, residual material is generated from the sediment and organic matter present in the surface water.  This material is then considered a residual waste under Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Regulations.

SRG permits the residual material and utilizes the material as a soil amendment,PA_Amer_stored recovering the sediments and organic matter to improve the soil’s tilth. Iron and aluminum salts are used in the water treatment process and become part of the residual material. The metals salts have the benefit of tying up excess phosphorus in the soil reducing the potential for release to surface waters, an important issue in the Chesapeake watershed.

SRG provides the logistics, land application and regulatory compliance for the residuals’ beneficial re-use.

Residuals are handled both liquid and dewatered. SRG provides and manages environmentally compliant storage to allow year round residue removal from the water plants

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