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Water utility telemetry systems - interesting times ahead?

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Real time telemetry systems are key to Water Utilities’ efforts to meet Amp4 efficiency demands. Across the businesses, decisions increasingly need real time information, and making the best decisions efficiently will generate savings. But this is a long way from the traditional role of telemetry systems. Can they stretch to meet the expanding needs, and how might they look?

Asset databases generally hold static data about the assets, and dynamic data is acquired from various sources, but generally not the company telemetry system. Metrics on asset performance are essential if assets are to operate at the required level, and for managers to make informed assessments of risks to the business from each major asset. A simple example is to log pumping station run times, where the data is both useful as an operational check, and shows which pumps are closest to capacity. Better asset management will create a new requirement for telemetered data, and will need new tools to process it.

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