Waterlogic International December 2007 newsletter


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Although coolers have become a traditional placefor office workers to exchange the latest gossip, a London council has deemed them - and bottled water - environmentally unfriendly and is insisting that staff switch to the tap variety instead.
Islington council believes it will save more than £8,000 a year on bottled water and thousands more on coolers after it agreed to stop paying for them. The council, which says the move will reduce its carbon footprint, is now calling on the Greater London Authority and other London boroughs to follow suit.

The ban was approved this week after being proposed by Liberal Democrat council leader James Kempton. He said: “What sense does it make to have water shipped around the world to use in bottles when we can just turn on the tap?

“London’s tap water is good, so to me bottled water is a mystery. It’s also a matter of the environmental damage caused by the transportationof bottled water, not to mention the production and disposal of the bottles.

Customer comments

  1. By Misha K on

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