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Waterm Akers


Article about water on the Kijk Magazine (Holland) with an interview with Xavier Doló, and taking the example of Hidromach and the Kit Water Dolo

It’s a reflection about water, its uses , our need, and the great problem around it. Nowadays, water is the world’s greatest concern, greater than terrorism, and greater than others; heretofore, we use it without control: for petrol, for energy... We’ve got to pollute as much water, than Global Fresh Water Reserves, are lowing as a random drought levels, and till now, we have’nt appreciate the meaning of this fresh water.

In the world, it have been appearing some solutions to get water: capture drops of fog, desalinate the seas..., but the cost of them is more expensive than the result we obtain.

It shows Hidromach, our machine, like a solution in atmospheric water, but this solution doesn’t arrive anywhere, that’s why Governments have economic interests in the big companies over desalination.

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