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WaterOne use of Matrix Gemini LIMS case study


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WaterOne is one of the largest drinking water suppliers in the US Mid-West, supplying potable water to approximately 400.000 people in Johnson County, Kansas. WaterOne has a number of sources for water - consisting of 2 river sources and several types of ground well sources. WaterOne is a quasi-municipal agency, with a seven member elected Board of Directors responsible for setting policy and ensuring overall governance of the utility.

WaterOne is responsible to its consumers and state and federal government agencies for supplying safe and cost effective potable water. This production results in two types of samples for its laboratory staff to process. The first is process control related, consisting of collection of on-line data that is compared to parameters stored in LIMS in real-time. The second type is distribution samples that total approximately 5,500 to 6,500 individual samples tested per month.


Recently WaterOne realized the need to select and implement a new LIMS to replace an older legacy system which was developed internally and no longer adequately met the day to day operational demands of the lab. The former legacy system was built on an old platform and staff were constantly making patches to it. It had reached the end of its usable life.

The selection criteria for the new system was developed by a business analyst and the Laboratory Manager to meet the needs of three internal constituents as well as the various external regulatory entities having jurisdiction over water treatment operations.

The three internal constituents having input on the process were as follows:

  • The laboratory staff had specific needs for being able to do their job. These needs were weighted the highest in the RFP process.
  • The overall utility required a cost effective long-term solution.
  • The IT department required assurance that the system chosen is supportable and fits into the existing computing infrastructure.

Flexibility was the highest priority - WaterOne needed a product that fit both their present and future needs and a product that supported internal and field-based staff in the same environment. They also wanted a product that was not entering or exiting its lifecycle -the Matrix Gemini product lifecycle target was near the prime of its lifespan.

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