Waterquality and meteorological data - Greece


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Thesprotia is one of the 51 prefectures in Greece and is located in the North-West of the country, 479 km from the capital Athens. The population of the prefecture is around 46,000 people. In the Pindos-Mountains arises the river
Kalamas and empties after 115 km in the bay of Valtos (Ionian Sea). The river has large environmental influence on the area and is also in some areas famous for fishing. For environmental contamination research and flood warning, two water quality stations and one meteorological station have been installed as required by the prefecture of Thesprotia to enable prevention of further river contamination.

  • Monitoring of the water quality in the river and concurrent monitoring of meteorological parameters of the hydrological basin.
  • Alarm functionalities via SMS and web based data publishing in the internet were also requested.


  • Provide a stable platform for monitoring of the main water parameters in the Kalamas river and meteorological parameters on Kalamas’ hydrological basin.
  • Evaluation and comparison of historical data for the environmental water pollution research.
  • 24 hour real-time continuous monitoring that would also allow to set-up actions in case some of the parameters would exceed defined threshold values, e.g. nitrate ions.
  • Measure water quality parameters for conductivity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, nitrate and ammonium, pH and water level
  • Meteorological measured parameters for wind velocity, wind direction, air temperature, relative air humidity, precipitation and barometric pressure
  • Authorized user access through a web interface

Monitoring Solution

  • OTT LogoSens in combination with a Hydrolab DS5X multi-parameter probe, Thies Clima Meteorological Sensors and OTT Pluvio
  • Solar power supply
  • GPRS and satellite data transmission through the Thiamis intelligent control unit
  • Availability of real-time measurements in the internet
  • Automatic alarm management with SMS and E-mail via web server, in case of increased measured values. Operators are able to define alarm thresholds via the web interface Environet
  • Web interface Environet by Netronix was installed on one Server only - GIS capability


  • Autarkic monitoring stations with continuous data transfer of water quality parameters of the Kalamas river and hydrological basin meteorological phenomena which affect its hydro-capacity and composition
  • Historical data comparison and evaluation
  • Web interface Environet by Netronix on Server
  • Alarm system for a great number of specific parameters
  • GPRS data transfer

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