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Waterschap De Dommel - Tilburg - Case Study


Courtesy of Cambi Group AS

  • Client: Waterschap De Dommel
  • Solution: CambiTHP - B12

Waterboard De Dommel (WDD) is responsible for water management and wastewater collection and treatment in the South-Eastern part of the Netherlands, covering approx. 151.000 ha and collecting wastewater from approx. 900.000 inhabitants. WDD operates in total 8 wastewater treatment plants with a total capacity of 1,4 mln PE, the two biggest plants being Eindhoven (680,000 PE á 150 g COD) and Tilburg (340,000 PE á 150 g COD).

In 2011 WDD decided to centralise the sludge treatment, by building an advanced anaerobic digestion (AAD) plant at Tilburg WWTP turning it into a Water and Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF). A Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis B12-3 MARK II plant, including a process gas unit and additional sludge cooling was implemented in close cooperation with Cambi AS. The THP plant has been in operation since January 2016 and is running at full capacity since end of 2017

The Cambi THP plant allows to feed the digesters at a high dry solids feed and short retention time. One digester was added to the two existing ones, but the total throughput capacity was approximately tripled. The use of Cambi THP has also resulted in an increased conversion of organics into biogas and strongly improves the dewatering performance of the final dewatering decanters. Dewatered sludge cake at > 30% DS is sent to SNB for mono-incineration. The biogas produced during the process is used for renewable power generation on site, for steam production for the THP plant with the remaining biogas being sent to the neighbouring upgrading plant where the gas is upgraded and injected into the natural gas grid.

Reject water from the pre-dewatering and final dewatering is treated in a dedicated reject water treatment plant to remove P (through struvite precipitation) and N (through Anammox de-ammonification).

Creating the WRRF at the Tilburg site has allowed Waterboard De Dommel to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions and to recover valuable resources from the wastewater.

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