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Waterstromen - Aviko - Case Study


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Production of fertilizer from potato processing wastewater

Combining two technologies to maximize a sustainable effluent treatment at a low total cost of ownership.

“We were persuaded by the low power consumption, the recovery of resources and the limited space required. The performance of the plant shows that we took the right decision”

-Richard Haarhuis, Operational Manager at Waterstromen- 

Since decades, the wastewater of the AVIKO potato processing plant in Steenderen, the Netherlands, has been treated by the municipal WWTP Olburgen, based on anaerobic UASB technology. The wastewater contains a lot of proteins, starch and phosphate. Since the effluent of the UASB reactors still contains considerable amounts of COD, NH4 and PO4 (representing discharge costs > EUR 1.5 million per year) and new EWFD-regulations were implemented, Aviko started looking for a suitable process to remove these high amounts of phosphate and nitrogen.

A comprehensive feasibility study by Waterstromen resulted in the selection of the PHOSPAQTM process combined with the ANAMMOX® process to achieve their goals. Please read more about the Paques integral solution in the brochure.

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