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Two chlorine dioxide plants with very high capacities are in operation in order to supply the city of Toulouse with drinking water. Absolute safety in distribution of the decontaminated water to the households is required. During pre-chlorination and during post-chlorination of the water, the second system is in stand-by operation and is automatically switched on at a possible failure. The automatic 24-hours control transfers error messages immediately to the central computer of the waterworks. The individual control of the dosing pumps is also automatic. A rewarding investment for Compagnie générale des eaux. As the drinking water treatment system developed by Grundfos Alldos France replaces two of the twenty-year-old plants.

Customer's plant:
Waterworks of the city of Toulouse

Customer's requirement and unusual features:
Absolute security, high automation level, especially concerning the control of dosing pumps

Technical features:

  • Treatment process: Cl2 and NaClO2 (2 chlorine dioxide systems Type Oxiperm 166)
  • Capacity: 2 x 10 kg
  • Water flow capacity: 3000-5300 m3 /h
  • Control: decentralized control by PLC with interactive graphic display and Modbus communication interface for the central system (Télémecanique)

Applied piston diaphragm pumps Type DMH models 25x 257:
Pre-chlorination: 3 pumps à 1300l / h, one in stand-by-operation
Post-chlorination: 2 pumps à 1100l / h, one in stand-by-operation

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