Waterworks Essbio, Chile


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For the waterworks in Essbio, Chile, Grundfos Alldos developed a decentralized, computer aided disinfection system networked with the entire system of the La Mochita waterworks. The 600.000 inhabitants of Concepción are supplied with treated water from a river. The water is decontaminated with chlorine gas for economical reasons and for better handling. Exact dosing minimizes the consumption. The full vacuum system offers a high degree of safety for all three decontamination levels. Thanks to the Modem connection, Grundfos Alldos is always in a position to check the whole system, to call and check the settings in Germany. Costly maintenance on site or fault detection are not necessary. Disturbances in the software can be quickly eliminated.

Customer's requirement and unusual features:

  • The system should be able to communicate with the process control level of the customer
  • Decentralized control

Technical features:
Disinfection system with 10 Cl2 dosing units Type GS 140 and complete peripherial equipment

Dosing flow:
100 kg / h

Measurement and control:
complete measurement technology including total chlorine measurement equipment

Control panel:
equipped with high-resolution interactive graphic display

Communication technology:
Fieldbus, Profibus, Modem

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