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Waverley Gate - An award-winning luxury green roof development in the heart of Edinburgh - Case Study


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  • Project Sector: Commercial Refurbishment
  • System: Intensive Green Roof
  • Products Used: Permaphalt Mastic Asphalt
  • Contractor: Leneghan Roofing Services
  • Started: June 2001
  • Completed: February 2005
  • Project Cost: £100 million
  • Size: 1,000m2
  • Contact: Waverley Gate, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH2

Situated at the heart of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site, the century old Waverley Gate building once housed the GPO sorting office and is famous for its Grade A listed façade. A £100 million redevelopment has transformed the building into prime office accomodation over 8 floors.

At just over 1,000sq m, the fully insulated Waverley Gate terraced roof garden offers stunning views over the city and a relaxed environment for staff and visitors to escape the hustel and bustle of the city below.

Midlothian-based Leneghan Roofing Services were rewarded with the acolade of ‘Mastic Asphalt Contractor of the Year’ for their work on the project.

Two large mastic asphalt mixers were craned to the rooftop to keep the craftsmen constantly supplied with Permaphalt mastic asphalt which was supplied by Permanite Engineered Roofing Systems at the correct temperature for installation. The block-form Permaphalt and other materials had to be craned up in the early hours of the morning when delivery trucks could gain easy access. In total, around 200 tonnes of Permaphalt polymer modified mastic asphalt were used on the project.

membrane. Three coats of Permaphalt were then hand-installed by skilled craftsmen to a total depth of 30mm, with a further three coats at a total thickness of 20mm applied to all upstands, including side walls and air-handling unit supports. Vertical coats are continuous to the decking coats to ensure waterproofing integrity and run to at least 150mm above the landscaped level before being bedded into a chase. Another isolating membrane was then laid over all the Permaphalt surfaces to the top of soil level, followed by 120mm thick boards of thermal insulation on the horizontal and vertical surfaces to give a ‘fully insulated’ roof.

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