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We haven’t needed any chemicals - Case study


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Background and Problem
Indian Wells Golf Club, located in the Palm Springs area of California has over 30 ponds, and chemical treatment of all the ponds was time consuming and costly. SonicSolutions Algae Control was able to help them reduce their chemical footprint by installing SS-500 and SS-600 models (now discontinued) in 27 of their ponds, some with Solar options and others running off the 24v AC available through the local irrigation satellite box.

What Our Client Said

“All of us at the Indian Wells Golf Club are very pleased with our SonicSolutions Algae Control devices. Although we were initially skeptical that the devices would work, we have not needed to use any chemicals for algae control in our ponds— even through the hottest months of the summer! Today, we have 21 SonicSolutions units, including 12 solar powered models, controlling algae and helping preserve the beauty of our golf course in an environmentally responsible way.”

(Former) General Manager, Indian Wells Golf Club Indian Wells, CA

We haven’t needed any chemicals - Case study

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