`We Saved DuPont $100,000 with Their Own Coating!`


Courtesy of Fab-Tech, Inc.

Forward-thinking manufacturer, Fab-Tech, Inc., of Vermont, USA, solves corrosion problem in a DuPont plant using its PSP exhaust venting system and a proprietary DuPont Teflon ETFE Fluoropolymer Resin.

In the manufacture of Oxone monopersulfate compound, DuPont uses oleum, or fuming sulfuric acid. Oleum is highly corrosive and reacts violently with water. It is playing havoc with the stainless steel pipes in most plants.

In a pleasant twist of fate, it turned out one of DuPont's coatings, a Teflon ETFE Fluoropolymer Resin, developed exclusively with Fab-Tech for their unique coating system, was the solution. And thanks to this forward-thinking customer, Dupont saved more than $100,000 on the project.

'They knew they needed a better solution.'

'They were eating up stainless steel. The 316L pipes were pitting and leaking because of the corrosive nature of the Oleum,' explains Giles Wagoner, of Fab-Tech, Inc. 'They had been using stainless steel pipe for about 10 years and they knew they needed a better solution.'

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