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Weak Base Anion Exchange Resin (WBA)

SEPLITE ® Weak Base Anion Exchange Resin


The Weak Base Anion Exchange Resin with primary, secondary, tertiary amine or mixed amine group as active functional groups show different strengths of alkalinity. Most weak Base Anion Exchange Resins with mixed amine group equiped a extremely high operating capacity with the ability to remove both strong and weak acids from solution.


There are two kinds of weak base anion resin, Gel type and Macroporous type, which have acrylic backbone, styrene backbone or mixed backbone. Weak base anion exchange resins are more chemically stable and higher resistant to organic fouling than strong base anions.


The weak base anion exchange resin is easier to regenerate than the strong base resin, and can be efficiently regenerated with a small amount of sodium hydroxide.


Weak base ion learning exchange resins are commonly used in pharmaceutical, food engineering, and chemical engineering, such as the removal of mineral acid, organic acids and other organic materials, especially for removal of high molecular weight organic matters from aqueous solutions under low pH condition.


Typical Applications For Weak Base Anion Exchange Resin

Removal of mineral acid

Removal of organic matter

Pure water preparation

Wastewater treatment



Kosher Certificate

Halal Certificate

FDA registeration

WQA Gold Seal Certificate



Category List

SEPLITE MA938 Macroporous type, Acrylic, Free base, organic acid removal

SEPLITE WA667 Gel type, Acrylic, Free base, decoloration of citric acid, sugar and antibiotics

SEPLITE MA940 Macroporous type, Styrene, Free base

SEPLITE MA921 Macroporous type, Styrene, Free base, floating bed

SEPLITE MA939 Macroporous type,Acrylic, Free base, organic acid removal