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Weather monitoring at German Landfills - Case Study


Courtesy of G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH

According to the Landfill Regulation and Federal Emission Law in Germany it is mandatory on landfills to monitor weather data such as temperature, precipitation, evaporation, wind direction and speed. This is not only good for environmental protection purposes but also for the residents nearby. In this regard two new Lufft weather stations and one Lufft wind sensor were set up recently in Hamberg and Esslingen.

Weather data at Landfill Hamberg mbH

The Landfill Hamberg close to Maulbronn had searched for a new weather station model from May, 2013 on. They chose the Lufft WS302-UMB together with the Lambrecht rain sensor, which were installed in March 2014. The data are sent to a remote terminal unit (RTU) via SDI-12 protocol from Adcon and forwarded to an Adcon data center via GPRS. The results are visualized on the Adcon web interface addVANTAGE PRO as you can see in the attached screenshot.

The Landfill at Ramsklinge in Esslingen

Furthermore, the landfill at the Ramsklinge in Esslingen has replaced the OPUS20 data logger with the Lufft UMB technology in November 2013. There are now a WS200-UMB, a WS300-UMB and a rain sensor forming the perfect match to get all important data. Via MODBUS Protocol and by using a VPN gateway from the service provider pmTechnik, the sensor sends the data to the District Office in Esslingen. They use an individual solution for storing and analyzing the data, which is no problem thanks to the MODBUS Protocol.

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