Web 2.0... a new way to network

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Web 2.0, a perceived second generation of the World Wide Web, facilitates person-to-person connectivity, collaboration and sharing. Wheras Web 1.0 allowed users only to retrieve information, the new Web is an interactive two-way superhighway. Social networking, a Web 2.0 phenomenon, reaches beyond the popular networking sites and has entered the business arena. Web 2.0 has become a business in itself, as the new economy thrives on inter-human connections.

Web 2.0 allows you to gain visibility, whether your goal is to collaborate with others to solve problems, to find a job or new business opportunity, or just stay in touch. Remember, to benefit from Web 2.0, you must give, as well as receive.

In this article...
• Web 2.0 in simple terms
• Web 2.0 in business
• Six degrees of separation
• The good, the bad, and the ugly
• The future

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