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Web4diagnostics – experience with web-based diagnostic systems in power plants

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At SMORN 8, a new web-based diagnostic system – web4diagnostics – was presented (Kunze, 2002). During the last two years, this system became the standard diagnostic system infrastructure for internal use in Siemens Power Generation, which integrates a large data archive of measured data and capabilities for data analysis and evaluation. Besides this internal use, today some 15 power plants worldwide use web4diagnostics in their companies communication network. Essential features are: monitoring and diagnostic information are provided in HTML page format; diagnosis can be performed on any suitable machine in the computer network; a 'central diagnostic laboratory' can be configured as a virtual facility using the existing IT infrastructure; analysis results can be accessed from any computer in the information network, only a web browser is required. The system employs well-known standard diagnostic modules and also owns tools such as operational based limit surveillance, automatic report generation and automatic information in case of deviations.

Keywords: web-based diagnostics, condition monitoring, web technology, telemonitoring, Siemens, power generation, internet, virtual facilities, information technology, power plants, data acquisition, data processing, data evaluation, data storage, communication

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