Webinar Highlights: Advanced Techniques in Peptide Isolation

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Courtesy of Waters Corporation

Hello, I’m Andy Aubin, Principal Consulting Chemist at Waters.  Jo-Ann Jablonski, Principal Scientist at Waters, and I recently conducted a webinar that addressed some techniques to make peptide purifications more efficient.

We discussed three techniques:

  1. Focusing the gradient
  2. At-column dilution
  3. Temperature control

These techniques are easy to implement, and are useful for improving the isolation of synthetic peptides at the lab scale, typically from a few milligrams to a few hundred milligrams. Tight timelines in research and development groups require processes that work well and accomplish the goal.  In this case, getting pure peptide in the fraction tube, quickly, effectively, and confidently was the goal.  The techniques we introduced are the ones we use all the time in our lab, as well as promote to other scientists who need pure peptide for their experimental studies.

If you missed the webinar or you would like to revisit any of the subject matter, you can view the slides or watch the webinar on demand.

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