Webitat Advanced IFAS System Addresses Common Fixed Media Concerns

Integrated Fixed-Film/Activated Sludge (IFAS) technology has received widespread acceptance in the engineering community as the most economical new way to upgrade wastewater plants without building new aeration basins or clarifiers. BioWeb™ is a knit web-like fabric with high surface area designed to be installed directly into aeration basins to create a colony of attached growth biomass in the system. Webitat™ is a new BioWeb IFAS system engineered to actively manage the attached biomass environment. Enhanced mixing keeps the biofilm thin and healthy, yielding higher kinetic reaction rates than previously measured in thick biomass. Individual dissolved oxygen control prevents and controls redworms to keep them from stripping the media of biomass. The patent pending Webitat system answers all of the questions that have been raised by engineers about the effectiveness of rope-type media IFAS processes.

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