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WEEE!! Don’t bin It Recycle IT

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Every year people buy thousands upon thousands of electrical equipment in the UK alone. Every year British people then throw away thousands of electrical items and why not. Since the introduction of the WEEE directive on 1 July 2007 home uses have been able to take their old electrical equipment to the local council house hold waste recycling centre for recycling. All county councils in the UK now have WEEE recycling solutions set up for the equipment arriving at their household waste recycling and ensure that they are correctly recycled and not sent to land fill.

Unfortunately UK businesses do not enjoy this same level of access to recycling facilities as the government has made it virtually impossible for businesses to take their equipment to household waste recycling centres as they are literally refused entrance by the county council employees or receive a fine at a later date for leaving commercial waste at a household waste site.

What can UK businesses do with their end of life equipment including their computer  and IT equipment  as well as fridges and other electrical items. According to BERR's director of sustainable development Tony Pedrotti it is a commercial arrangement between a supplier and an end user to agree if the supplier should provide the recycling of the equipment at its end of life or if the business will negotiate a discount from their supplier and then arrange for the correct weee compliant recycling when they have finished using the item within their business.

The market place at the moment is full of companies offering computer recycling  or IT recycling  in the UK with all types of companies offering the service from normal waste management companies through to small individuals offering very low cost or sometimes free solutions. One word of warning, NOT all things are not as they seem. A Lot of the companies offering a recycling solution for computer and it equipment are not actually recycling the equipment but instead collect the equipment from companies looking for a low cost solution and then store them, often in an illegal or unlicensed premises whilst they wait to sell them to buyers for transport to Africa, China and India regardless of if they are working or not and with no regard for the data stored on the hard drives. This is not only ethically wrong, as we should not be sending our waste to the third world for third rate processing but businesses should be more concerned with the data stored on the hard drives which could include online business records and passwords which can then be used illegally to access bank accounts; the other issue is sensitive corporate data. Businesses must ensure that any company they use for recycling of their equipment is able to provide a carriers licence, copies of the waste transfer paperwork and certificates of destruction as well as full details of exactly how they recycled the equipment.

We offer all UK Businesses a weee compliant  legal and environmentally sound recycling solution with local collections and complete recycling within the UK only. For any business looking to ensure that their data is safe from prying eyes, allow Recycling4you ltd to send your equipment including computers, IT equipment  and fridges to one of our 12 weee/ fridge recycling  solution providers across the UK. Once we have collected your equipment we will ship it to our nearest recycling provider. Upon arrival at the recycling plant the equipment is automatically shredded to 20-30mm pieces which ensure that any information contained is physically destroyed. The material is then automatically separated into metal, plastic and circuit boards for transport to reprocesses plants where the material is further recycled and then re-used to start life anew in a new product.

So for all home users of electrical equipment when you have finished with it take it to the nearest council household recycling centre so that it can be recycled and re-used in a new product. For UK businesses you can take a chance on locating a company through the yellow pages or Google or you can use our services and ensure that your data and equipment is physically destroyed and then recycled in the UK.

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