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PT Limited load cells are popular in the agricultural industry. Shear beam load cells are often used in feed out systems and are found under the tray or deck of trailers. They’re used to monitor the amount of feed being deposited for stock. Shear beams are also used in similar designs for fertilizer spreaders.

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Commonly used, our PT5100 is a quality stainless steel shearbeam. Welded sealed with a protection rating of IP68, it’s ideal for use in harsh environments or for where peace of mind for a long life of demanding use is desired.

Other farming equipment such as the cattle crush, also commonly referred to as a squeeze chute or standing stock, also benefits from having a weigh system installed. Purpose built for holding cattle or other live stock, it’s another place PT Limited load cells are frequently used. Squeeze chutes, often made by farmers, regularly have our LCSB sheabeam with swivel feet installed to accurately weigh cattle/livestock. A digital indicator such as the PT272 is paired with this type of installation as it features an IP66 rating and is enclosed in a rugged stainless steel case, suitable for daily use on the farm where it’s likely to be subject to rain and/or muddy fingers.

Another agricultural application where load cells are found are grain silos and hoppers. Our world class Accupoint Weigh Module is ideal when a low profile solution is needed. The Accupoint incorporates an unparalleled level of protection while maintaining performance specifications, improving safety whilst reducing load cell damage and plant down-time. Each is a self contained weigh point with built-in uplift restraint and only requires bolting into place. Completely manufactured in stainless steel with special long life hardened contact points, the units will give years of high precision weighing with minimal maintenance.

Photo by Jari Hytönen on Unsplash

Alternatively, the CSC3 Load Cell with type 2 heavy duty restraint mount kit is great for tall hoppers. It’s an excellent selection for many hostile environments due to its welded heavy-duty stainless steel construction and wide range of weighing capacities, coupled with a quality IP68 protection rating and inbuilt surge protection.

PT Limited offers a wide range of compatible digital instrumentation. From basic digital indicators that display only through to advanced models with built in features such as profinet, ethernet, profibus etc. Choose from analog or digital output options, together with basic automation via outputs from relay triggers where needed. We’ve got you covered with everything you need for a complete weigh system, from load cells and accessories to read only screens right through to full systems connected via today’s common factory automation protocols to PLC and internet based automated systems.

PT Limited is an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer and has been designing and engineering measurement solutions for the weighing industry from Auckland, New Zealand since 1979.

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