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Weir floway case study


Courtesy of Niton UK Limited

When Weir Floway wanted to introduce an in-house PMI (Positive Metal Identification) facility, the handheld Niton XL3t XRF analyser provided the perfect solution.

Weir Floway produce vertical turbine pumps from a variety of metallurgies ranging from copper alloys to superaustentics, super-duplex, and stainless steels. Their products are utilised for applications including mining, oil and gas, and water requirements.

PMI is becoming an essential requirement for installations in the oil and gas industry, plus many other process industries. As a result, the suppliers to these industries are often having to prove that the materials used on their products are correct and conform to specification before they arrive on site. Growing customer requirements for PMI testing prompted the search for a reliable instrument that would allow Weir Floway to perform the necessary material verification in-house.

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