WEISS provides for the heat - and disposes of the waste case study


Courtesy of Weiss A/S

The very first time PLIMOB learnt about Weiss was in 1995 at which time contacts at IKEA told about combustion plants from WEISS. IKEA is the most important customer for PLIMOB so the management listened to the recommendations. PLIMOB is producing wood furniture; large quantities of wood chips and sawdust are a spin-off effect from their production.

Traditionally wood-working industries – previously sawmills, joiners, and carpenters – were burning their wood waste and in that way gaining heat. However, huge contemporary processing plants demand - just as today’s requirements for protection of the environment and heat utilization – a quite different approach. Advanced combustion plants shall fulfil more needs: They shall provide high recovery of the fuel, produce minimum waste (ashes) and emit minimum CO2 – and often as at PLIMOB, the combustion plants shall solve practical waste disposal problems.

A reliable choice with top technology
More than ten years have passed and we have now six combustion plants from Weiss – all working at full pace, explains Vasile Godje, the General Manager at PLIMOB and right now, we are negotiating the supply of the seventh plant – a recommendation in itself.

The newest plant will have the most sophisticated technology and the best of its kind. For the first time it is now possible to reduce the CO2 emission to 250 mg/m3.

A major filter system extracts the fine wood dust from the production and the combustion plants from WEISS use the dust as fuel. Surplus wood dust is pressed into briquettes that are sold and used for heating in private households. PLIMOB is not buying other fuel types; their own production of wood waste more than complies with their total heating requirements.

Another reason to choose WEISS says Vasile Godje, is the promptness at which the staff is replying to approaches and solving possible difficulties.

Being pleasant and kind people as well makes it very easy and nice to cooperate with WEISS, says Vaile Godja.

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