Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization System


Courtesy of Black & Veatch Corporation

Installing the optimum wet flue gas desulfurization technology, B&V Energy is bringing superior multi-pollutant removal technology to the North American utility marketplace.

To help make a positive impact on the global environment and to comply with the Clean Air Interstate and Clean Air Mercury Rules, Dayton Power & Light needed to remain in compliance as more stringent air quality limits were approaching for sulfur dioxide (SO2) and mercury emissions.

They sought the expertise of Black & Veatch to determine and implement the optimum flue gas desulfurization (FGD) technology that would allow operating flexibility and also work with other plant systems to enhance mercury removal. The technology has to be integrated sequentially on five individual power generating units at the J.M. Stuart Station in Aberdeen, Ohio, and the Killen Station in nearby Manchester, with minimal interruption to planned generating capacity.

The objectives of the ongoing project are to mitigate SO2 and oxides of mercury emissions on these 600-megawatt, coal-fired units.

After a complex analysis of the existing situation at the plants, Dayton Power & Light decided to install CT-121™ FGD technology, providing a guaranteed 97 percent removal of SO2, while consuming less power than standard methods. What resulted was one of the most unique scrubber systems in the world.

The project will also provide the equivalent of a 74-story tall chimney at Stuart Station. The chimney, containing four fiberglass flues, leverages economy of scale while efficiently utilizing very limited space.

To enhance labor availability and productivity, Black & Veatch, Dayton Power & Light and the Tri-State Building Trades Council collaborated on a project-specific agreement providing incentives for uninterrupted, efficient craft work at no increase in labor rates.

Once the units are fully operational, the improvements can eliminate upwards of 487,000 tons of SO2, plus a significant proportion of the fine particulate matter and mercury oxide emissions each year.

By combining knowledge from several offices and divisions, the Black & Veatch team has successfully provided a highly innovative solution for Dayton Power & Light. The CT-121 wet FGD technology is expected to satisfy all regulatory requirements and carries with it lower life cycle costs, decreased maintenance expenditures and improved operational automation.

Black & Veatch is Building a World of Difference by bringing superior multi-pollutant removal technology to the North American utility marketplace. The multi-pollutant removal capabilities of this technology provide benefits to utilities such as regulatory compliance and flexibility in fuel choices, while contributing to a dramatic reduction of acid rain causing emissions and providing a cleaner environment for local communities.

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