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Wet Prairie Restoration & Created Wetland - Case Study


Courtesy of Environmental Remediation Contractor

ERC was hired by the Columbus & Franklin County Metro Parks to restore approximately 75 acres of wetland habitat within a 150year-old farm field. This project included the installation of sediment & erosion controls followed by an extensive search of the agricultural field for subsurface tile drainage.  This was followed by abandonment of the existing tile network.  Once complete earthwork began including berm & micro-pool construction, soil excavation, stockpiling, replacement, compaction & grading.  ERC then installed field drain & storm sewer piping along with catch basins.  The newly restored wetland now helps protect and filter groundwater & has helped bring wildlife back to the area.

Environmental Remediation Contractor is a force for nature. We are a contractor created to serve the environmental and civil contracting industry centered around soil and water quality. We have a stellar team with decades of experience offering the very best in project estimating, field execution, and project management to allow for on time, and on budget, safe results.

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