Courtesy of HESCO Bastion, Inc.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Units: Delta 3312 and Concertainer 4315
Project: University of New Orleans Coastal Restoration Project

HESCO Bastion Environmental's innovative shoreline restoration products are a proven success. Our newest product, the HESCO Delta unit, offers unique advantages in low, medium and high energy coastal environments, enabling effective and economical shoreline protection. Pilot projects with the NRCS/USDA, the City of New Orleans and the University of New Orleans have demonstrated that damaged and degraded shoreline areas can be rebuilt and protected with HESCO Delta units. The result is a 'living shoreline' structure that stands up to natural and man-made impacts while providing valuable habitat for coastal plants and aquatic species.

HESCO Delta combines the proven welded-wire, geotextile lined basket of the HESCO Concertainer with alternating flat and angled facial surfaces which act to dissipate and redirect energy, reduce wave fetch along the face of the living structure and provide effective shoreline protection. The outer face of the HESCO Delta is filled with locally-appropriate biological substrates, such as oyster shell, to provide a haven for aquatic organisms and encourage the natural growth of a hardened shoreline. Native shoreline plants and grasses can be established in the lined section, with the front sections reserved for valuable, habitat-forming shell or live-rock fill makes the entire system economical and effective.

Other applications include marsh creation, dune stabilization, beach erosion control, living breakwaters and related coastal restoration initiatives. A recent project in Florida has demonstrated that HESCO products are extremely effective in these applications, protecting the project area even through major tropical storms. Several other coastal protection projects with HESCO products have withstood the most severe weather events in the Gulf region; Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav.

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