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Wetlands and biological case study


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Service(s) performed:
File review and confirmatory soil sampling services

At the request of a petroleum pipeline company, our environmental experts performed a comprehensive file review and regulatory correspondence activities to achieve a No Further Action (NFA) status for a release of crude oil from a pipeline in the Midwest U.S. After the release of over 95,000 gallons of crude oil into a farm field, the client and various contractors incorporated the crude oil impacted soils into several large-scale landfarms (over 53,000 cubic yards were treated). We reviewed records spanning several years and developed and implemented a confirmatory soil sampling plan (SAP) for site closure. Analysis of the soil sample showed that the soil surrounding the former pipeline release area did not contain hydrocarbons at concentrations above regulatory standards. A report of the confirmatory sampling results was submitted to state regulators in which a NFA status was requested and granted within 5 months.

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