Wetlands International Achievements 2011 – 2013


Courtesy of Wetlands International

Our Collective Targets

  1. Wise use and restoration of 20 wetlands is linked with the development of sustainable livelihoods, resulting in a strengthened asset base for at least 200,000 people
  2. Species oriented and ecological network initiatives result in improved status of selected wetland biodiversity groups, including waterbirds and freshwater fish
  3. The status of wetland biodiversity is improved in at least 10 globally significant wetland ecoregions
  4. Decisions for the conservation and management of waterbird populations and wetlands on which they depend are influenced by timely analyses.
  5. In 5 major basins implementation of water resource management plans safeguard and restore the role that wetlands play in water supply and regulation
  6. Ecologically sustainable drinking water and sanitation programmes are implemented in 5 WASH initiatives, resulting in improved ecological status of wetlands.
  7. At least 100 Mt of CO2 emissions avoided by conserving and restoring wetlands
  8. UNFCCC policies provide incentives for reducing wetlands emissions in both developed and developing countries and include biodiversity safeguards
  9. Investments in wetland protection and restoration are made through 5 government-led climate change adaptation and/or disaster risk reduction plans
  10. In the catchments of 10 significant wetlands, community resilience to natural hazards, including those exacerbated by climate change is increased through improved environmental management
  11. In at least 5 cases changes will be achieved in the design and/or delivery of major development schemes which threaten significant wetlands or water resources, their biodiversity and livelihoods.
  12. Industry standards, regulations and community practices are improved for at least 3 production systems to prevent the loss of wetlands and their values=

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