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Wetlands International Annual Report 2013


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Report of the Supervisory Council and Board of Association

Report 2013

The year 2013 showed significant progress to attain the organisation’s mid-term strategic objectives. Major programmes were implemented, bringing achievements which have real relevance on the ground to people and nature. The Supervisory Council was pleased to see important improvements in financial control and perspective through improved operational insight and an increased ability for pro-active outreach and dialogue with partners, members and donors. Tangible highlights include the establishment of a European association and a refreshed brand and visual identity to boost the visibility of the organisation and its activities. Also, corporate engagement was integrated into the work of the organisation in a structured way and within a clear policy framework approved by the Supervisory Council.

In February, the Council participated in the celebration of World Wetlands Day in a joint event with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and Rotterdam City. Throughout the year the Supervisory Council and its individual members were involved in the identification and pursuit of resource development opportunities in various areas including U.S. donors and building on the relationship with the Japanese government and engaging in the upcoming IUCN World Parks Congress.

During 2013, the Supervisory Council convened twice. The meetings were attended by the Management Board and the Secretary. In June the Supervisory Council held its meeting in St. Louis, Senegal. During a fieldtrip the Council and Management Board learned about the project in the Ndiael Basin and visited Djoudj National Park, with a delegation of the Wetlands International Africa staff, representatives from the local communities and authorities. The Council also participated in a meeting with all local stakeholders, organised by Wetlands International. In November, the Council held its second meeting of the year. The Association’s annual General Members Meeting was held online, in December.

The Supervisory Council’s activities during the year were primarily involved with the execution of its supervisory role. In addition, the Chair and other members of the Supervisory Council served as a sounding board for the Executive Board. In its capacity as the CEO’s employer, the Council evaluated the CEO and her performance during the year. The Supervisory Council discussed the annual accounts for 2013 and the annual plan for 2014. Following additional action and clarification of findings by the external auditor, the Council/Board approved the accounts and the 2014 Plan.

2013 saw the departure of two valued Council members, Hazell Shokellu Thompson and Yoshihiro Natori. The Council expresses its gratitude for their long service on the Council/Board and their very valuable contributions to the organisation and its objectives. The Council welcomed Dan Martin as a new member.

The Supervisory Council and the Board of Association consist of seven members. In accordance with the established profile, the members come from diverse backgrounds in order to provide the Council and Board with the range of expertise, experience and diversity necessary to fulfil their duties.

The members are appointed in their capacity as individuals, not as representatives of other entities.

In accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF) and the Dutch Good Governance Code for Charities and Cultural Organisations (“Code Wijffels”), we have established that during 2013 none of the individual Council members held primary or additional occupations that could have given rise to conflicts of interest with their supervisory role with regard to Wetlands International.

For the Council’s/Board’s composition and scheme of resignation as of 31 December 2013 please refer to the overview on page 67.

In 2013 the Supervisory Council assessed and discussed its own performance, as is required annually.

On behalf of the Supervisory Council, I would like to thank the Management Board and all of Wetlands International employees for their continued hard work towards Wetlands International’s objective of safeguarding and restoring wetlands for people and nature. We look forward to continue the progress and achieve the set milestones during 2014.

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