Wetlands International Annual Report and Accounts 2011


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Annual Report Wetlands International

1. Report of the Supervisory Council and Board of Association

For Wetlands International 2011 was a significant year. Our future focus and direction was set out in the Strategic Intent 2011-2020, as a result of a rich dialogue between our office network and our stakeholders in all regions of the world. In this document, we defined the appropriate direction, focus and approach for the organisation to take in order to bring the biggest positive impact for wetlands. The Strategic Intent was discussed, enriched and formally adopted by the face-to-face General Members Meeting which took place in February 2011 in Edinburgh, Scotland, where we were kindly hosted by the Scottish Government. Following this, regional strategies were developed as well as an organisational development plan, to enable implementation.

The triennial face-to-face General Members Meeting was followed by the Symposium Wetlands matter: valuing wetlands in a changing climate in which besides the member delegates, also other representatives of governments, civil society and research centres from all regions of the world participated. During the year, members provided well taken advice on the brand strategy in development and they engaged in the review of and possibilities to update our membership. A second, electronic, General Members Meeting took place in which the Annual Plan and Budget 2012 as well as the Annual Report and Accounts of 2010 were adopted.

Furthermore, the Dutch CBF (Central Bureau for Fundraising) Seal of Approval was obtained by the Stichting Wetlands International; which is an acknowledgement of trustworthiness and management quality. The seal gives reassurance to potential donors and also enables the organisation to apply for non-allocated funds from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery.

Following an amendment of the Statutes of the Stichting Wetlands International in 2011 the number of members was reduced, to enable a stronger focus on governance and more active engagement of all members. The Supervisory Council has been reinforced with a new Chair and Vice Chair (also Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Association) and three new members. The Council and Board now include members with wetlands knowledge, a history of engagement with the organisation in different regions, excellent networks in the private sector, governments and NGOs, experience in conservation, development, governance, resource development, financial management and communications.

As is required by CBF regulations, all members have informed of any relevant (side) positions they hold.

The Supervisory Council and Board of Association met twice during the year, joined by the Management Board. Progress, risks and opportunities in relation to the portfolio of programmes were discussed in addition to the financial situation and prospects of the organisation. The Annual Plan 2012 was adopted.

Furthermore, the new Council and Board members attended the annual meeting of the Senior Management of the organisation including all Heads of Offices for a full day in the headquarters. And a delegation of the Council participated in the recruitment of the new Chief Operations Officer. In addition, several informal consultations between the Management Board and Council members contributed to a meaningful engagement with the organisation.

The Supervisory Council conducted a self-evaluation and has been actively ensuring continuity by adapting their retirement schedule.

The Council and Board take great interest in the substance of Wetlands International’s work and its members plan to visit projects in the field in different regions. They note with pride the global results and outcomes as described in this Annual Report in relation to our strategic targets.

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