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Wetlands International Annual Report and Accounts 2012


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Report of the Supervisory Council and Board of Association
On the occasion of World Wetlands Day in February 2012, Wetlands International presented its future plans in an event held in The Hague. It was well attended by Dutch politicians, partners, and donors; an illustration of the good network of the organisation in the host country, but also of the importance of the Dutch networks for our global work. Different speakers showed the effective approach of the organisation as a broker between science, policy and practice; between field level challenges and in addressing global wetlandrelated challenges.

In June the Supervisory Council/Board of Association held their meeting in Java, Indonesia. For some of the new members it was the first time to visit one of our field projects. During a fieldtrip the Council and Management Board learned about the project in Banten Bay, north of Jakarta, with a delegation of the Wetlands International Indonesia staff, representatives from the local communities, local authorities and police.In November, the Supervisory Council/Board of Association held its second meeting of the year. The annual General Members Meeting was held online, in December.

During the year, the Supervisory Council confirmed the new Corporate Engagement Strategy and contributed to the evaluation of the 5-year partnership with Shell, including a meeting with the CEO of Shell. This evaluation formed the basis of a renewed relationship between Shell and Wetlands International for the years to come. Furthermore, the Chair and vice Chair supported the Management Board in improving the financial management of the organisation. There was a guided focus on the Resource Development strategy; amongst others, a Working Group consisting of the Board of Association and a reference group of members, was initiated to refresh and extend the membership of the organisation. The recruitment of two additional Supervisory Council members was initiated during the year.

A special event, attended by two Board of Association members, was held to inform members about recent developments on the membership during the Ramsar COP11 in July, in Bucharest. Some member delegates and partner organisations gave short speeches reflecting on their valuable relationship with the organisation. The Ramsar Secretary General gave a strong endorsement to the work of the organisation, praising in particular its work in raising attention to the issues of wetlands and climate change and in providing critical information on waterbird and wetland status to the 160 Ramsar Contracting Parties. It was a good opportunity to engage with member and non-member government and NGO representatives.

During the year, all members of the Association were consulted as part of the brand and visual strategy development process through an online questionnaire and through meetings with the design company.

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