Wetlands International in the Mediterranean


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Wetlands International’s goal is that wetlands are wisely used and restored for the role they play in:

- improving human well-being and local livelihoods

- conserving biodiversity

- sustaining the water cycle

- reducing climate change and its impacts

Wetlands International was one of the founding partners of the MedWet Initiative twenty years ago. Our work in this region has spanned from wetland monitoring and research, to capacity building of partners and stakeholders, and encouraging collaboration between the different regional, national and local players.

In 2009, Wetlands International established a Mediterranean Programme Office, which is hosted by the Tour du Valat Foundation in the Camargue in France. With financial support from the Government of Canada provided through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), this office is leading a Mediterranean wetlands and water resources initiative with field level projects in critical wetlands of Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco. Wetlands International, along with its regional and national partners, focuses on engaging civil society in water management in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Region.

Our approaches
Water Scarcity in the Mediterranean
The Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region is one of the most water-deprived regions of the world. Annual water consumption outstrips renewable resources. There is growing pressure on water resources because of increased demand. 60% of the population (180 million people) suffers from a water deficit in the Mediterranean, 60 million people suffer from water scarcity and 20 million have no access to potable water. Expected population growth, increased water use per capita, dwindling aquifers and global climate change (drought) will make water scarcity worse.

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