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What are attendees saying about our webinar on non-manufacturing compliance?


Yesterday, we hosted our first session on the challenges to compliance around “low risk” environments. It was very well attended. About 150 EHS Managers from around the world tuned in!
Here’s the buzz from viewers:

Peter Tayar-Watson’s presentation on GE’s Office Safety Program was excellent. The “”application”' work was very useful. - Procter & Gamble

Tjeerd’s presentation put Office-based EHS in perspective, presented many good points. - GE

I was exposed to new knowledge which can help us excel further in terms of implementation… - OSRAM

Gives me an idea of what to look for in regard to HS in my company’s office spaces. – Iko Industries

It was all interesting, presenters provided and good overview of items to incorporate into the site documentation to ensure all aspects have been addressed and implemented. - Security Technologies

The international perspective offered by the speakers was interesting. Concerns seem to be the same being addressed in the US. – Boeing

Peter’s presentaion on how GE are takling these issues was of particular interest and use to me. - PPG

The metrics presented were very interesting. - GE Oil & Gas

Major companies are still not taking full account of the risks. – BT

It was most interesting to see how to [overcome] Budget Challenges and Adaptation of the program to these challenges without compromising the quality of program. - Weston Solutions

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