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Water sandpaper, also known as waterproof abrasive paper, is named because it can be sanded in water when used. Let's share some of the advantages of waterproof sandpaper this time.


Waterproof abrasive paper is a kind of coated abrasive tool, which is made of water-proof latex paper or waterproof kraft paper, using various resins as binders and firmly adhering alumina abrasives or silicon carbide abrasives to the base material. It can be processed into sheets of A4 paper size and various customized sizes. Water-resistant sandpaper is mainly composed of silicon carbide abrasives according to its abrasive composition. According to the binder, there are ordinary low-cost binder sandpaper; there are also synthetic resin as binder in high-grade water sandpaper.


The advantages of silicon carbide waterproof abrasive paper are as follows: 1. There is no dust hazard and dust explosion when polishing with water; 2. The polishing quality is higher than that of ordinary dry sandpaper. When polishing with water, the surface of sandpaper should not be blocked and the life of sandpaper is long. 3. Water-resistant sandpaper has a wide particle size distribution from P60 to P3000 for products, while the finest dry sandpaper is around P1000. Water sandpaper is especially suitable for fine-grained high-precision polishing. 4. Compared with other precision abrasive materials, fine waterproof sandpaper has higher cost performance and cheaper price. It can be used in water-milling and dry-milling with wide adaptability.


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