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what are the pile driver equipments for excavator?

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Pile foundation is currently in the construction of the most basic but also can not be ignored an important part. When the construction of relatively large industrial and civil buildings, if the foundation of the weak soil layer is thick, the use of shallow foundation can not meet the requirements of foundation strength and deformation, often using pile foundation. Pile foundation construction can not be separated from the pile driver equipment support. What about piling equipment? The following is a brief description of this issue by Beiyi Machinery.

First, vibration hydraulic pile driver
Working principle: BeiYi high-frequency hydraulic vibration pile driver, is the use of vibration-type pile piling, especially for municipal, bridges, cofferdam, building foundation and other short pile project.

The vibrating pile is used to vibrate the pile at high acceleration, and the vertical vibration generated by the machine is transmitted to the pile body, which causes the soil structure around the pile to change due to the change of vibration and strength. The soil around the pile is liquefied and the frictional resistance of the pile side and the soil is reduced. Then, the pile is pressed into the soil under the pressure of the digging machine, The effect of vibration method is higher than that of other methods. It is mainly applied to steel piles, steel pipe piles and slender concrete prefabricated piles within 8m long.

Advantages of vibrating hydraulic pile driver:
  1. Can pull steel sheet pile, cement pile, rail pile, iron plate, H steel, steel pipe, and will not hurt steel pipe pile, steel sheet pile and rail pile top or bottom.
  2. Pulling the pile when the required tension is much less than other systems, can be suitable for a variety of different work site needs, quality and long life.
  3. Can often work in the vicinity of the building will not damage the building itself, the use of high-performance imported shock absorber rubber block, quiet operation and shorter duration, help to overcome environmental problems.
  4. The application of this vibrator is extremely extensive, for any brand of excavators can be used without a specific value of the brand. Different types, only need to replace the chuck, we can meet our requirements. Applicable to steel beam part - foundation pile cut wall with H steel, cement pile. The And so on.
  5. Piling and piling operations between the rapid conversion. Piling, in the case of vibration, digging machine to pull up the pile. Punching machinery required by the excitation force to the soil layer, soil, water content and the type of pile, structure and comprehensive determination.

Second, the screw pile driver
working principle:
  It is installed in the hydraulic digging machine or skid steer loader, through the host hydraulic oil supply, by the drive head of the hydraulic motor, gear box and other operations, power output to the next end of the photovoltaic pile. Installed on the excavator to use, for the PV pile (spiral pile).
The advantages of screw pile driver
  1. Spiral drill bit is not easy to deformation of the substrate, the United States imported hydraulic motor, two high-speed gearbox high-precision gear, split output shaft.
  2. Screw pile driver can also digging, the power head below the PV pile can be replaced by a spiral drill pipe can be. The auger with a drill pipe is screwed for drilling, for the installation of the fence, landscaping, tree drilling, underground drilling, pile engineering, screw pile installation, road sign installation and so on.

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