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What can a Screening Bucket do ?


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It Might be Quicker to tell you What it can’t do

Being a bucket it is an attachment that can enhance your digger to became a mobile screening plant, offering the flexibility to sift material as need arise on site, minimising waste. Therefore, avoiding back and forth with trucks reduces processing time, so less costs also means more time available. But advantages are not only economically and ecologically, because an MB Crusher screening bucket can be use in limitless applications from the primary selection of waste material, demolition, excavations filling and the reclaiming of rocky ground, moving on to pebble selection, beach cleaning, metal scrap cleansing and all other instances where thinner pieces needs to be separated.

MB Crusher has such a wide range of screening buckets that surely one of them will be suitable for one of your in-house machines, there is a line for loaders and skids as well. The look of a bumblebee suits MB Crusher screening bucket to perfection, they are limitless, tireless and tough. Although structurally designed to change to fit each side need, in fact the baskets are made of interchangeable modular panels, which are available with various sized holes.

Moreover to offer further work flexibility they could be equipped with a pulveriser kit, to demolish processed dusts and allow screening even in closed environments, and an iron separation kit, to screen and immediately separate iron from demolition debris.

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